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CEM-er resolution check-in

CEM Resolution Check In

At the beginning of 2021, we asked our CEM-ers what their resolutions were, and to keep our team accountable, we did a quick check in! Find out our member’s progress, and new goals they’ve set for the rest of the year.

“I am happy to say I have been able to keep on top of my goal! I have read 20 books so far this year.” – Jaclyn Braun, Senior Manager of Hospitality & Travel Services

“I have been doing okay with my goals, I have read 6 books so far, been active 30 min at least 4 times per week and have been taking action to be more sustainable. Bringing reusable bags everywhere I shop, refill my water bottle are the top two things I do daily.”  – Mia Narcisi, Partnership Coordinator

“Well, I wasn’t able to keep my monthly streak going. I missed an activity in April and May so I can’t say I’ve held myself to my monthly challenge. I’m still trying to volunteer regularly and the remaining months of this year despite not meeting my streak and goal.

Another resolution that I started at the beginning of the year and kept up with is stretching and meditation on a regular basis, if not both on a daily basis at least one of the practices daily.” – Michael Nishi, Chief Operating Officer

“I have been hitting 10,000 steps a day almost everyday since the New Year! I have been really into the UnitedHealthcare Motion program through our company health insurance. I usually walk or run in the morning, sometimes in the evening and I take a handful of 5-minute walking breaks during the day.  I always try to walk when I am on a cell phone call. I have walked 2,923,976 steps and have had $515.75 deposited into my HSA account for meeting the Frequency, Intensity and Tenacity targets.” –  Jenna Olson, Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration

“I’m currently at 370 miles for 2021, but with a few half marathons on my calendar I know I can pass 700!” – Holly Petrovich, Social Media Manager

“I’m still working on my resolutions! I’ve focused on getting out for a walk at least once a day, but there’s still room to grow on my reading goal.” – Alex Sawyer, Director of Communications

“I have been doing some segments [of the Des Plaines River Trail] on the weekends!” – David Waskowski, Director of Participant Services