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CEM Staff Resolutions

Women working outWe’re already halfway through the first month of 2021, and our CEM-ers are working hard at their resolutions. From reading more to improving run times to being more sustainable, our staff is striving for big things this year! Read their specific resolutions below and share yours with us on Facebook and Instagram.

  • “My resolutions for 2021 include focusing on family time, as this will be the last year, we are all together with my daughter going to college next year. I’m also working on my fitness for 2021.” – Paul Brackey, Senior Director of Sales & Expo
  • “One of my resolutions is to read 30 books this year.” – Jaclyn Braun, Senior Manager of Hospitality & Travel Services
  • “I resolve to make no resolutions. My theory is if you are going to make a change, make it when you are ready, regardless of the date.” – Brooke Lord, Executive Assistant to CEO & Executive VP
  • “My resolutions are to embrace project management software, use less paper and get stronger and leaner.” – Janet Myrmel, Senior Creative Director of Marketing & Design
  • “I want to read more (already finished my first book of 2021!), be active 30+ minutes a day, and be more sustainable.” – Mia Narcisi, Partnership Coordinator
  • “A few commitments I’m making this year include finding and committing to a different in-person volunteer opportunity each month; returning to running, and not just for work, but personally; and calling at least two people per week that I haven’t talked to in a while.” – Mike Nishi, Chief Operating Officer
  • “My New Year’s Resolution is to take a walk around my block once a day to break up the workday. I am also trying to call a co-worker during my walk to discuss something over the phone instead of video chat or email.” – Jenna Olson, Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration
  • “My resolution is to continue to self-care and lose approximately 25 more pounds.  I have lost over 50 pounds.  I plan to commit to being more active in staff running challenges and active within my community and giving more of a helping hand.” – Dianna Parkman, Director of Human Resources
  • “In 2021 I want to beat my 2020 mileage of 700 annual miles!” – Holly Petrovich, Social Media Manager
  • “My resolution is to be more active and read at least one book a month!” – Alex Sawyer, Director of Communications
  • “I want to hike the entire Des Plaines River Trail! Guess I really have to do it now.” – David Waskowski, Director of Participant Services