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Get to Know the Team

Chicago Event Management is a dedicated team ranging from industry veterans to subject-matter experts. Working in collaboration, our team strives to create a culture and environment that combines institutional knowledge with cutting edge forward-thinking.

Carey Pinkowski

CEO & President

Michael Nishi

Executive Vice President, Business Development & Operations

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George Chiampas

Medical Director

Paul Brackey

Sr. Director, Sales & Expo

Sean Barus

Director, Operations Management

Christian Hoffer

Director, Partnership Integration & Strategy

Summer Howard

Sr. Director, Client Strategy & Integration

Eileen Hurley

Vice President, Partnerships & Business Development

Ben Joslin

Director, Information Technology

Jenna Olson

Sr. Director, Finance & Administration

Photo not available.

Dianna Parkman

Director, Human Resources

Janet Raugust

Creative Director, Marketing & Design

Alex Sawyer

Director, Communications

David Waskowski

Director, Participant Services

Nicole Abbate

Manager, Partnership Programs

Alexis Arvis

Sr. Manager, Experience

Cat Cannon

Sr. Manager, Internal Programs

Photo not available.

Lucas Lusk

Coordinator, Event Staff & Accreditation

Jaclyn Braun

Sr. Manager, Hospitality & Travel Services

Photo not available.

Mia Narcisi

Coordinator, Partnership

Photo not available.

Holly Petrovich

Manager, Social Media

Emma Cook

Sr. Graphic Designer

Photo not available.

Erik Graves

Manager, Event Partner Relations

Photo not available.

Astrid Grimes

Coordinator, Experience

Photo not available.

Will Kildow

Warehouse Coordinator

Nicole Lockwood

Manager, Volunteer Program

Brooke Lord

Executive Assistant to CEO & Executive VP

Ale Pocius

Manager, Accounting

Matt Purtell

Coordinator, Communications

Kirk Razon

Manager, Operations & Logistics

Brad Rogstad

Sr. Manager, Event Productions & Logistics

Tracey Wilson

Manager, Elite Athlete & Participant Programs