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How CEM-ers bring sustainability home

Last month, CEM-ers celebrated Earth Day by completing a photo scavenger hunt to see how many Earth-friendly activities they could complete during the week. It was a fun way to showcase how just a few small changes can make a big difference!

When it comes to our events, our team knows prioritizing sustainability goes beyond Earth Day, but we want this sentiment to translate into our daily lives as well. We asked CEM-ers to reflect on what they are already doing on a day-to-day basis, and what they think they can improve on. In fact, many claimed that our events have inspired them to be more sustainable at home. Read below what some of our team members are doing!

Sustainability Table

“I support reducing the use of plastic grocery bags and especially keeping them from getting into the watersheds or oceans. Any I have I bring to the plastic bag recycling bin at the grocery store.” – David Waskowski

I send used clothing (even socks) to a company that recycles the fabric.” – Tracey Wilson

“I practice shelf cooking – eating and cooking based on what I have on hand. Sometimes this means having a meal or snack that doesn’t exactly match my craving, but it still provides nourishment while reducing food waste.” – Nicole Lockwood

Before working from home, I would get Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts almost every day. Now, I have mastered an at-home iced coffee that I make every day in a reusable tumbler. I never realized how much I was contributing to creating waste by using a plastic Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts cup and straw every day! Even if I do treat myself to a specialty coffee, I try my best to walk there and bring my own cup.” – Samantha Furlong

We have been incorporating more vegetarian meals into our cooking. Also, choosing the more sustainable shipping options when ordering online, even if it slows delivery.” – Erik Graves

Before the pandemic started when we dined out we would bring our own to-go reusable containers for leftovers. We have been out to eat much less frequently though do continue that practice.” – Brooke Lord

We use rain barrels and rain gardens using all native plants for stormwater management. We’ve been using solar thermal to heat our hot water since 2006 and solar photovoltaic panels for our electricity since 2017. We use an energy recovery ventilation system for better indoor air quality. Most of our driving is done with our electric vehicle. We divested from fossil fuels and all of our investments are aligned with our values.” – Cat Morris

With three kids we always try to purchase second-hand items to cut back on resources needed to produce items. It also delays items being sent to landfills.” – Astrid Grimes

Finally, we asked our team what lifestyle initiatives they want to incorporate more frequently:

  • Less waste
  • Shorter showers
  • Eating less meat
  • Composting
  • Stop using plastic
  • Purchase second-hand clothing

How has being in the event industry impacted your at-home sustainability consciousness? Share with us on social media!