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Expense Reimbursement Policy

Proper documentation must be provided with reimbursement requests (receipts, trip records, reason for expense, date/times). Reimbursement requests for approved expenses must be submitted within 14 days of the event to Submissions after this date will not be eligible for any expense reimbursement.

Ride share and public transportation

When walking is not reasonable due to distance, weather or time of day, approved trips may include transportation to and from one’s assigned hotel and work site, trips to and from one’s assigned parking area and hotel or worksite and trips directly related to completing one’s job duties (i.e. sent on an errand or to an off-site meeting). Travel to and from one’s home is not eligible for this local transportation expense policy.

Use of public transit is encouraged. Public transportation types include CTA bus, CTA or Metra train, Divvy bike or scooter. Approved trips using public transportation will be reimbursed at the full cost of each trip.

Reimbursement for taxi or rideshare may only be for standard fare types, unless different types (i.e. XL for groups of event staff) reduces expense. When trips originate or end outside of the Loop, event staff should use rideshare services, not taxi. When rideshare services have surge pricing, persons should seek taxi service when it reduces expense. Reimbursement for tips is limited to 10% of fare and must be included on receipt. Event staff should make reasonable efforts to coordinate and share rides with other event staff when completing similar trips.

The event will not reimburse mileage for local transportation expenses in personal vehicle, unless otherwise pre-approved.

Meal Expenses

The event will provide meals during required work shifts. Persons working onsite when meals are provided who decide to forgo the provided meal will not be eligible to receive a reimbursement. If one is required to be onsite during a time when meals are not provided or work duties require one to miss the provided meal, reimbursement with receipt will be provided as follows: up to $10 for breakfast, up to $15 for lunch and up to $25 for dinner.

When the event has provided transportation from one’s home to the event (i.e. airfare or personal vehicle reimbursement), the event will reimburse for meals with receipt from the time of departure to arrival, and the subsequent return trip as follows: up to $10 for breakfast, up to $15 for lunch and up to $25 for dinner.